Monday, October 1, 2012

Pinterest Projects: Muffin Tin Eggs

Since I have to avoid dairy while nursing Ladybug, my go-to breakfast of cereal has been nixed.  Yes, I use almond milk but it just isn't quite the same for a daily meal.  I've been searching for new quick breakfast ideas.  I saw this idea on Pinterest and thought it would be amazing.

Eggs...baked in single serve portions.  The best part is that they are freezer friendly and perfect for building a quick English muffin sandwich.  I will definitely bake eggs like this again.  After a trial way of packaging, Jon and I decided to freeze the eggs separate from the English muffins.  We don't mind spending the extra time building it fresh that morning.  Now I should fry up some sausage patties to freeze and have the ability to make a quick and easy Egg and Sausage Sandwich.