Friday, August 31, 2012

French Toast Casserole

Last night I read a post from I Can Teach My Child about French Toast Casserole and it sounded amazing!  Instead of putting this in a file of recipes to try later, I immediately got up and made it to put it in the fridge for breakfast today.  I think her comments about not being a morning person were what convinced me since this fit my description of myself. Sometimes I feel semi-guilty that I am not the mom who cooks breakfast every morning before her family wakes up...I am often the last one out of bed!  I love special breakfasts that I can make the night before like this or the bread machine cinnamon rolls and just pop into the oven in the morning.  While it cooks, I am able to drink my cup of coffee and wake up!

Above was my plate today and I really enjoyed this may be too good of a discovery.  Buddy and Sweetpea devoured their plates as well and asked for seconds.  It was a nice deviation from yogurt, cereal, or bananas for breakfast. 

If you love French Toast and hate to stand in the morning cooking over a griddle, try this recipe out!

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