Thursday, August 25, 2011

Water Sensory Bin aka "a bucket o' water"

Buddy has officially started back to preschool as of Tuesday so Sweetpea and I have been enjoying some time together.  One of the things I am looking forward to doing with her on a regular basis is sensory bins.  Sweetpea absolutely hates touching sand and other gritty things and my goal is to work her up to a sand bin. 
Today we started with something I knew she would love to see how she would handle the bins.  Sweetpea loves to take baths and swim so I knew that a "bucket o' water", as my Dad called it, would be perfect for her. 
I found my largest tubberware and filled it with about two inches of water and gave Sweetpea a few scoops, toys, and a smaller tubberware.  I did not want to overload her with things so I kept it simple. 
She had a blast scooping and pouring water from one container to the next.
The water sensory bin kept her occupied for an entire hour and, of course, by then the entire towel was soaked and so was Sweetpea.  She cried when I told her that she was all done and I know that this will be something she'll enjoy again!

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