Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Intentional Acts of Kindness Week 1 Wrap-up

ICanTeachMyChild.comWeek one of Acts of Intentional Kindness was an interesting way to start the month.  I am realizing how selfish I tend to be and have decided that even if my children aren't around that I am going to be more kind.  Here is a wrap-up of what Buddy and Sweetpea and I did or, at least, tried to do. 
As I mentioned last Tuesday, we started the month off by writing our World Vision child a letter.  Buddy has wanted to pray for Emous each day since he drew the picture to mail. 
Wednesday: We brought Daddy a Sonic drink to enjoy before he had youth group. 
Thursday: I was able to be a nice driver since part of one of the main streets in town is under construction.  It was sort of sweet as the lady in the other car almost didn't believe that I was waving her into the lane.
Friday: I tried to let someone go in front of me at Walmart but I'm realizing that no one wants to pass "the pregnant lady".  I tried this again in Hastings while waiting for coffee on Monday but again, no takers. 
Saturday: Jon took all of us shopping for our Operation Christmas Child box items.  Buddy and Sweetpea had a blast choosing small toys to pack. 
Sunday: This turned out to be a harder day to be intentionally kind and I didn't have anything that we did together.  But I'll try to be more prepared for next week. 
Monday:  While we were at the library for story time, Buddy shared his puzzle with a younger child.  He even helped this little girl complete the puzzle when she started to have trouble.  Because of this, he and I had a really great discussion about other ways he can show kindness without a Mommy prompt. 

I'm looking forward to seeing what this next week holds and encouraging kindness with my children!

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