Wednesday, November 30, 2011

It is not as bad as it seems

I took my two lovely children to the grocery store yesterday and things did not go so well.  It all started when I decided to get gas before going inside.  Buddy had a huge meltdown because I pumped gas at the number six pump instead of the number three (his favorite number).  This just set the whiny stage all the way through the store for both he and Sweetpea. 

After getting everything on our list, I arrived at the checkout line fairly flustered.  Sweetpea was trying to climb out of cart while buckled to reach the M&Ms and Cheetos, Buddy was trying to pull away from me to run across the aisle and look at toys, and I just tried to keep them in line.  I really think God gave me an extra measure of grace for them and I was able to reprimand both in a calm voice.  And for the most part, they decided to obey.

A grandmother-y looking woman was in front of us waiting her turn and all I could think to myself was, "She is going to think I am a horrible mom for having such ill-behaved children".  It was almost the woman's turn to check out and she turned to me to give what I thought would be advice on how she would handle my situation.

She completely flabbergasted me when she stated, "You have such well behaved children."  My response was a very surprised, "Really?"  To which she smiled and continued, "They are normal children wanting the yummy treats at the checkout but they obeyed when you said no.  You are a good mom to set boundaries and reinforce obedience and you will have to do this over and over while they grow up."  All I could do was thank her and breathe a little easier as we waited our turn. 

Yes, Buddy and Sweetpea have their whiny moments.  Yes, I get tired of having to set the same boundaries over and over.  Yes, they push hard against the boundaries.  But Yes, I have great children who, for the most part, are obedient. 

I can get so caught up in each little act of defiance or disobedience that I lose sight of the larger picture of the truly amazing gift that it is to be Mommy to Buddy and Sweetpea.  I took time that afternoon to thank God for the woman in the store who reminded me that it is not as bad as it seems.

**Edit:  Sorry this was supposed to be auto-posted yesterday.

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