Saturday, July 2, 2011

4th of July Healthy Popsicles

Today, Buddy, Sweetpea, and I made Red White and Blue popsicles to help beat the heat this Fourth of July weekend.  The best part about these treats is not only are they yummy, they are also really healthy. 
Here is how we made them.

Red White and Blue Popsicles

What You'll Need:
Plain Yogurt
sliced Strawberries
sliced Bananas
Popsicle molds
Food Processor

Blend yogurt and banana in the food processor and pour back into bowl.  Blend yogurt and strawberries in the food processor with a little bit of sugar to taste.  Blend yogurt and blueberries in food processor with a little bit of sugar to taste.  Pour in layers into popsicle molds. took ours about 5 hours to completely set up.
And enjoy!

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