Saturday, September 24, 2011

Revised Chore Charts

Buddy's chore chart is still working well for our household and even Sweetpea has noticed the chart on the refrigerator.  She has been begging for weeks to put smiley faces on Buddy's chart after helping me around the house.  After a few arguments between Buddy and Sweetpea, I decided to make Sweetpea her own chart and, in the process, reorganize Buddy's. 

This is Sweetpea's new chart.  It has a few less chores than Buddy's and includes a new spot for "Extra Help".  This is for when she helps unload the dishwasher, with the laundry, or with another task from Mommy or Daddy.  You'll notice that picking up toys has not been a popular chore.

This is Buddy's new chart.  I didn't like how in the last chart that Read the Bible was our last chore listed.  This time I moved it to the top and also included the "Extra Help" section for Buddy as well.  Again, Pick up Toys is not a popular category.  Buddy normally will clean up toys but he has to be reminded many times, which defeats the purpose of the chart.  We've started giving the nickels to him in a small jar as each task is completed and this has encouraged a better response.  Immediate reward works well for a preschooler.

All in all, I am very pleased with how these charts turned out.  If you are interested in a chore chart for your child, please email me at with your child's name and any other relevant information. 

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