Thursday, May 19, 2011

Chore Chart: Update

Buddy's Chore Chart has been working better than I expected.  The first week we implemented these expectations, he only missed two or three smiley faces.  The second week was a little more rough as he was sick a few days and started to say "no" to doing chores.  Here is a picture of his chart on Sunday.

The chart is working as a reminder for me to help Buddy have a devotional time.  This is his favorite "chore" to complete right now.  I am currently looking for a Bible that comes with a CD so that for devotion time, he can listen to the stories read to him.  If you have any recommendations, I'd love to hear them as there are so many choices out there.

Jon and I decided to give an allowance for chores completed and so Buddy earns a nickel for each task completed with a smiley face.  Here is a picture of the lay-out of nickels.  Buddy noticed this second week that there were more empty spots and really wanted to have those nickels too.

Not having those nickels became a lesson for him to complete his chores more often.  Also, Jon and I do not let Buddy add a smiley face to the chart if we have to keep asking him to complete a task.  The point of the chore chart isn't to add up smiley faces but to help Buddy learn to complete tasks around the house on his own.  All in all, this chart has worked well for us and will be something we'll continue to use with Buddy as he grows.

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