Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Highchair Reading

 Everyone knows the importance of reading out loud to your children.  In fact, I've even blogged about it but have struggled to find ways to read with Sweepea.  She loves books but she wants to enjoy them on her terms.  The other day, she sat in our new living room flipping through a lot of our chapter books and examining the illustrations on the covers.  The minute I sat down with a book next to her, she thought it was time to move on to something else.  Sweetpea will flip through all of the board books on our shelves but will only sit through one or two pages when Jon or I start to read aloud.
I've read to her while she is playing but invariably she gets frustrated.  I've tried rocking with her and reading, which Buddy loves, but she would listen to two pages and squirm out of my arms.  Finally, at lunch one day, while Sweetpea was busily eating, I grabbed a library book and started reading.  She was enthralled.  Her hands were busy as she ate but she was completely focused on the book. 
So this is our new way to read.  I don't necessarily get to eat my lunch while they eat but that is okay.  Buddy loves it since he would read all day long if my voice would hold up and Sweetpea listens intently.  We read all of our library books today at lunch without any fussing or squirming.  Here is a picture of Sweetpea enjoying her dessert as we read. 
This may not be the most conventional way to read but it works for Sweetpea and maybe it will work for other very active and busy babies as well.  Happy Reading!

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