Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Dee Henderson -- The O'Malley Series

O'Malley Chronicles, Volume 2 (O'Malley Series)The O'Malley Chronicles, Volume 1 (Three novels in one volume: The Negotiator / The Guardian / The Truth Seeker)
For Mother's Day, my wonderful husband gave me nine books because he knows that I love to read.  Six of the nine belong to the O'Malley Series by Dee Henderson.   This series is one that I first read in high school and have read several times now.  I am currently on Book 5, The Healer, and have greatly enjoyed re-reading.  All of Dee Henderson's books that I have read have been enjoyable and have very much kept my attention.

The O'Malley Series is about 7 people who have chosen to become a family and now lead very interesting lives.  The first book in the series, The Negotiator, is about Kate who is a hostage negotiator.  The book follows her journey to faith and answers tough questions about who Jesus is.  Dee Henderson writes quick moving, action oriented books and each book in this series solves some sort of puzzle or mystery.  In The Negotiator, Kate's name is mentioned in a bomb threat right before the plane explodes.  The book continues as she scrambles to solve who blew up the plane before someone else gets hurt.  Kate has to learn to lean on Jesus through a time of crisis and not to try to do things in her own strength.

Each book is told from another person in the O'Malley family's point of view and has a very strong salvation message in each.  From personal experience, these are not books to read to relax and go to sleep but these are books that will keep you turning page after page! 
Here is a list of the book titles in case you would like to find them at your library.

     Book 1 - The Negotiator
     Book 2 - The Guardian
     Book 3 - The Truth Seeker
     Book 4 - The Protector
     Book 5 - The Healer
     Book 6 - The Rescuer

If you are also interested, there is a prequel to The O'Malley series, Danger in the Shadows, but this series will also stand alone.  Danger in the Shadows explains the background information of another character in the O'Malley series.   Hope you enjoy! 

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