Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Elephant Room

Jon and I are currently watching the Elephant Room DVDs which contain eight conversations between seven influential pastors.  This has been an interesting series to watch as it has challenged my thinking about several different hard topics. 
The format is two pastors answering the main question while being moderated by another pastor.  The other four pastors have an opportunity to weigh in throughout the various discussions.  Very blunt and very honest conversation develops throughout and becomes thought provoking as well.  I knew and recognized some of the pastors while others I did not know.  I also came in with some preconceived notions, positive and negative, about some of the pastors.  While I do not completely agree with each pastor on certain points, I have developed a respect for these men and their passion and motives for spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  It is a very heady series and so it is good for me that the DVDs are broken each main question session.
As a youth pastor's wife, I appreciate and love these challenging lines of thought and discussion.  Hearing these pastors talk has given Jon and me a springboard for deep conversation together.  The Elephant Room is not something for everyone but if you are interested in learning more, the website, The Elephant Room, has more information.

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