Monday, May 16, 2011

Infantino Barn Shape Sorter

We have been having fun getting ready to move across town soon so we are doing a lot of free play around the house.  I've put any crafty lessons and other things that require extra attention to the side for a while and we're just exploring the toys we have around the house.  One of Buddy and Sweetpea's current favorites is the Infantino Barn Shape Sorter.
Infantino Barn Shape Sorter
This toy is great for teaching many different concepts like animal, color, shape, and letter recognition.  The Barn Shape Sorter also is practice with hand eye coordination and problem solving as Sweetpea or Buddy places the letters in the top or the animal shapes at the bottom.  Sweetpea is loving putting the letters in the holes at the top and looking to see them fall.  She is also working on learning the words 'open' and 'close' as we play with the barn door.  There is a clock on the side that is not visible in this picture but Buddy is currently asking "What time is it?" and he'll set the clock to a time.  Unfortunately the minute hand does not move so it always has to be an "o-clock".  Buddy can make Sweetpea laugh every time that he makes animal sounds as he maneuvers each animal piece. 
Here are a few photos of Sweetpea enjoying the barn.  Buddy was at school the day I took photos.

Peering into the top to see the letters fall in.

 Trying to place the red C on top of the barn and watching it slide down.

 One of my favorites!

Playing with the blue sheep and the door.

Playing intently.

One of the best things about this toy is how the pieces store inside of the barn and how portable it is.  I had to cook church supper last week and this was the toy that I chose to bring to entertain Buddy and Sweetpea.  All in all the Infantino Barn Shape Sorter is a great toy that can be used for lots of learning opportunities.

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