Saturday, April 30, 2011

Chore Charts

I've been thinking for several weeks now of creating Buddy a chore chart.  He is three now and very capable of helping around the house.  I would love for Buddy to start having a sense of responsibility and the ability to keep up with his tasks.  While he has already been un-officially helping with different tasks, I want to have a daily system of expectations in place.  I think this idea of a chore chart stems from what I already have in place for myself.
Two years ago, I created my chore chart after realizing that my daily written checklist always repeated a lot of the same things.  I love having a visual reminder of what needs to be done each day and throughout the week.  It is also a good feeling to be able to check off things that I have completed.  I've covered my chart in contact paper so I can use a projector marker (leftover from my teaching days) that cleans off nicely using only water.  The verses from Proverbs are also great reminders to do my work on days that I do not necessarily feel like working.

I wanted to create a chart for Buddy that was similar to mine but realized that he can not read and I did not want to have to read it to him.  After looking at several ideas online, I created a combination of a list chore chart and a picture chore chart.  Colossians 3:23 is the verse above his chart and will be our memory verse this next week while implementing his chart.  When he completes each task, he can put a smiley face using Velcro in the correct box.  Jon and I are still talking about how much Buddy will earn for each smiley face at the end of the week.  We like the idea of an allowance of some type with the lessons of tithing, saving, and spending attached.  Here is a picture of Buddy's chore chart.  I still have to cover it in contact paper and attach the Velcro dots but you can get the idea.
For Sundays Buddy will be given a rest from his chores, just like God rested on the seventh day (Genesis 2:2).  Jon and I try to observe a day of rest on Sundays as well so Buddy can join us.  Oh, and yes, our fish is named Frank.  It is Buddy's fish, so Buddy was able to name it.

If you are interested in creating a Chore Chart for your preschooler, here are a few links that I found helpful when creating Buddy's chart.  A few of the links can actually create a personalized chart for you. 
Christian Preschool Printables
Simple Mom - Chore Chart for Preschoolers

I also found a link for a chore system for older children and pre-teens if that is what you need.  I've saved this idea for when Buddy and Sweetpea are at that age.

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