Monday, April 4, 2011

April Menus

This month we have lots of plans during the day time so my goal was to plan easier meals for the month.  Meals with few ingredients or ones that I can assemble ahead of time were definitely the first choice.  Homemade chicken nuggets are an easy but still healthy dinner when paired with steamed vegetables.  I feel a little less "mom guilt" by making my own nuggets.  I also discovered a new family favorite recipe, Lasagna Casserole, from Money Saving Mom.  Sweetpea ate more of this casserole than anyone else at the table last month.  Since we are working on her weight gain, any recipe that fit the easy criteria and that she enjoys automatically made the month plan. 
With springtime weather here, Jon has asked to grill more so I've included nights for him to grill.  Because he'll take care of all the dinner preparations, and sometimes even clean up, there are no complaints from me!
All in all, I am glad to have April's meals planned and I'm looking forward to the month ahead.  I'd love to hear about any of your family's favorite quick and easy meals as well.  Sharing recipes is always fun!

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