Friday, April 22, 2011

Unfinished Work...

Here are a few things that we started today but never finished. 

Buddy, Sweetpea, and I started making the Easter Mobile.  Buddy was having too much fun coloring so all my photos turned out a little blurry.
Sweetpea joined in on the fun with her red crayon.

 After we finished coloring, I put the pages aside to cut out later, which turned into after Buddy and Sweetpea were in bed.

While I was waiting for a chance to cut out the crosses and verse for the mobile and crayons were out, I thought we could start shredding crayons for our Stained Glass Cross.  Buddy had a blast shredding the crayons and even though Sweetpea wanted to join, I just let her continue to color.
 We now have a lovely pile of crayon shavings waiting to be used tomorrow on my counter top.

Now you may be wondering why we started all of the crafts and not have time to finish them.  Today was one of those days that Buddy and Sweetpea were the best of friends and I did not want to stop their playing to continue with craft time.  It warms my heart to see them enjoy spending time together and to see Buddy showing Sweetpea how to do things.  Sometimes Sweetpea even shows Buddy a thing or two.  I could have redirected both of them to do what I wanted but instead I decided to take a few pictures of them and let them enjoy one another.  I even added to my list of one thousand gifts today.  Here are a few pictures of their play time.

Playing in Buddy's room.

 "Brother, will you read to me?"  Buddy gladly picture read this book to Sweetpea.
Blowing bubbles with Sweetpea.  Regardless of the picture, she was giggling once he quit blowing them directly into her face.

 Putting their heads together to plan more mischief.
These are the sweet moments of life and I was glad to have unfinished projects that can wait for tomorrow.

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