Monday, April 11, 2011

Easter Lapbook

Today Buddy and I worked on making his Easter Lapbook from Scripture Adventures.  It is a free download to create the lapbook and it will be a great resource to help Buddy understand the true meaning of Easter.  The printables are all in black and white and so I really wanted Buddy to add color.  Knowing that he has not been a huge fan of colored pencils or crayons in a while, I opted to let him paint each section.  It worked great!  Although, his choice of color today was primarily brown and there was not much convincing him to use another color.  Oh well.  Buddy painted diligently for about an hour or so, with a few basketball breaks thrown in occasionally.  Here are a few pictures of our lapbook creating process.

Painting the dove...brown.

This was the page that made me was soaked in brown and bled through onto our table.  I am so glad we were using watercolors.

Finally, Buddy decided to add more colors!

Sweetpea spent the time outside enjoying playing music.

The completed lapbook cover.

The inside of the lapbook.

The inside activities are not quite complete since we did not work with the flip file today.  We read the Easter Story twice and already Buddy is retaining facts about Jesus and his life.  My plan is to have Buddy tell me a fact about Jesus' Birth, Ministry, Atonement, Death on the Cross, and Resurrection.  I'll record what he says and let him draw a picture for the flip file.  I will admit that I will probably not be using the word atonement with my three year old. 

All in all, this is a great lapbook for younger and older children.  The activities can be adapted for older children and there are memory verses to go along with the lapbook.  Scripture Adventures is also offering An Easter Adventure, over 100 pages of stories, crafts, recipes, and ideas, to help make the last week of Jesus' life come alive for children.  If you are looking for ways to create new family traditions, this resource could help you do just that. 

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