Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Cookie Sheet Letters

One of the newest items in our classroom is an old cookie sheet and the refrigerator letter magnets.  I was tired of tripping over those small letters in our kitchen so I moved them in here.  An old cookie sheet serves as a fun magnetic surface.  

Sweetpea loves putting the letters on and carrying the tray around the room. 

I love how these letters can be used for color recognition as well.  Buddy has fun today spelling his sight words.  I would call out a sight word and he would find it on the wall and spell it out.  We have two sets so we can spell more words.  He kept refusing to take a picture but I hope to have one in the future.  Buddy did such a great job with the spelling and I know this will be a go-to thing for us from now on.  The best part is that two such simple things like a cookie sheet and magnetic letters could keep my children learning and entertained?

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