Friday, October 7, 2011

Fun with Bean Bags

I recently used some of the leftover fabric that I had to make a few bean bags for Sweetpea and Buddy.  My children loved them and I hope to make a few more soon, although to be honest, they were surprisingly frustrating to make!

We played a rousing game of laundry basket bean bag toss...Buddy and Sweetpea really enjoyed this!

Look at that face!

Sweetpea did really well with this.

I challenged Buddy to walk across our living room with the bean bag on his head.  He concentrated very hard as he tried to keep his head still. 

Sweetpea, of course, had to join in and took her own initiative to keep the bean bag on her head.

All in all, these bean bags are a great hit and a fun way to work on motor skills for Buddy and Sweetpea. 

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