Tuesday, January 3, 2012


One of Buddy's favorite questions lately is "Why?" and he asks it about forty million times a day.  To be completely honest, it drives me nuts.  But what bothers me more is my response, the infamous "Because I said so!".  I always promised myself that when I had children, I would explain all their "why?" questions.  Invariably though, frustration sets in and I blurt out the exact response I hated growing up. 
It dawned on me yesterday as I was lamenting to Jon about how I wanted Buddy to mind without questioning me and how I didn't like my responses, that we do the exact same thing to God.  We hear His still small voice telling us to do something and we immediately question, "why?".   Or life brings us a circumstance we don't like and we question. 
"Why do I need to witness to this person?"
"Why am I or a family member facing this illness?"
"Why do I have to learn patience?  Can't you just give it to me?"
"Why can't vegetables taste like chocolate?"
"Why? Why? Why?"
I am so grateful that God has more patience with me than I do with Buddy in this area.  And though sometimes I do think God's answer is "Because I said so!", it is reassuring that He has the best in mind for us.  As I encourage Buddy to obey immediately, I am challenged to do the same thing in my spiritual walk.  Maybe 2012 can be the year of instantaneous spiritual obedience!

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