Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Power of Prayer

When I posted Friday, March 2nd, I had no clue how much God was going to make me live that statement.  Sweetpea's stomach virus had been misdiagnosed and instead was actually a slight case of pneumonia.  Just what every mom wants to hear, their 2 year old has pneumonia and could pass it on to their 2 week old.  So when Ladybug began coughing Sunday night, we promptly rushed her to the doctor on Monday.  After lots of tests and chest x-rays, we learned that Ladybug had RSV. 
Because of Sweetpea's prematurity, I have read a lot about the seriousness of RSV, especially in infants, but since our doctor wanted to us to just watch her at home, I tried to relax.  Then Tuesday morning, I had three phone calls with the doctor's office and was instructed to take Ladybug as quickly as possible to the local ER to be admitted to a Children's Hospital in another town.  I called my parents as I began to pack a small overnight bag and had them begin praying and Jon let the office staff at church know and they were also praying.
At the ER, we learned that Ladybug's blood oxygen levels were low and they were concerned that she would stop breathing.  And then the shocker, the doctor who would be admitting us at the Children's hospital wanted Ladybug flown by helicopter to get her there quickly.  "A helicopter, for my 2 week old, because she is that sick!" was what went through my mind and then I realized that I would also be flying with her.  Which, to be honest, was actually quite a fun adventure had it not been for the reason we were flying.  (Talk about Mommy Guilt!  How do you admit you enjoyed the Medivac flight?)

Though people were praying all over the country, our stay began to be longer and longer waiting on Ladybug's oxygen levels to come up without supplemental oxygen.  Then came Friday night.  Jon had left to go home with Buddy and Sweetpea after a long day of Ladybug on oxygen and low oxygen saturation levels.  About 10:00 pm, her levels dipped again and the nurses had to increase the oxygen again.  I sat on the very uncomfortable cot and cried .  Cried because we were told we'd be in the hospital two days and we were going on five, cried because Ladybug's levels were low, and cried from sheer exhaustion and worry.
That point is when I could feel people praying the most and God gently reminded me to trust Him.  Trust Him with how long the stay would be, trust Him with Ladybug's oxygen levels, and trust Him that Buddy and Sweetpea would be okay too.  At midnight, the nurse discovered that the oxygen regulator wasn't working and after changing the regulator, she was able to lower the amount of oxygen that Ladybug was receiving.  After staying at 100% oxygen saturation on Saturday night, Ladybug was able to come home on Sunday afternoon. 
So to everyone who prayed for Ladybug, I am forever grateful!  I don't know why we've had to deal with these types of situations with Sweetpea and Ladybug but these have been huge life lessons in living out trust in God and the amazing power of prayer!


  1. I love how big God is I just wish it didn't take moments like these to remember sometimes. We are so glad Ladybug is home and you are too! Oh and don't feel too bad the hubs enjoyed his ambulance ride ha!

    1. I agree! Thanks for praying! Jon was a little jealous...with Sweetpea, I rode in the ambulance and now with Ladybug, the helicopter. He has just had to drive the boring cars. : )