Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Jewelry Board

This amazing jewelry board was my big gift from Jon this past Christmas.  He made it himself and I love it! 
I used to store my necklaces in a pile on my dresser and rarely wore them because who has time to sort through to find just the right one?  So Jon solved this problem and reminded me that even moms can look stylish.  I love when my sweet hubby sees a solution to a problem before I even recognized that there was a problem.
If you are interested in making one for yourself, you will need a large cork board, smaller cork squares, fabric, ribbon, and pushpins. 
Jon covered the large cork board with fabric and outlined it with the brown ribbon.  Then he covered the smaller squares with the contrasting fabric and glued them on to the large board.  After pushing the pins into the cork board, I hung up my new necklaces and bracelets!  Now I'm can easily select a necklace and bracelet if desired and don't have to worry about them becoming tangled.    

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