Friday, February 3, 2012

Who Got Peanut Butter on My Daily Planner?

Who Got Peanut Butter on My Daily Planner?: Organizing and Loving Your Days as a MomOne of the best books I bought around the time I decided to stay home with Buddy was "Who Got Peanut Butter on My Daily Planner?"  I think it was the subtitle that really caught my attention.  As much as I loved being home, I wasn't sure what to do at first and this book helped encourage me in the stay at home process.
I'm currently in the process of re-reading it for the third or fourth time.  I've been feeling like I've been in a slump and not accomplishing as much around the house, especially with Buddy and Sweetpea. 
Cindy Dagnan uses humor to keep you reading and provides many useful tips to help your household run smoothly.  Her chapter on how to overcome our kryptonite has been the most encouraging to read and re-read.  All stay at home moms have dreams of being Supermom and all of us encounter kryptonite at some point.  How we decide to go from there is up to us.  Organization helps keep my home working well and I definitely know when I've started to let life get a little more cluttered.
If you are currently a stay at home mom, or thinking about becoming one, I recommend finding this book at a library or buying it.  I hope that you'll be as encouraged in your desire to stay home as I am!

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