Wednesday, February 8, 2012

What's In the Bible?

Jon bought Buddy and Sweetpea the first five "What's In the Bible?" DVDs and they love them.  I'll admit I was a little skeptical before we watched but we were all hooked after one lesson.  Buddy especially asks to watch these repeatedly.  Phil Vischer (VeggieTales creator) has created this series of DVDs to take children and their parents through the entire Bible.  Not only does he highlight the stories in each book, but church history and Biblical theology is explained on a child's level.  Recently we were watching the DVD while I prepared lunch and I stopped to listen as they defined apostasy.  The great thing is Buddy and Sweetpea are enraptured by the puppet characters and they are learning too!  Buddy has even wanted to find the Pentateuch in his preschool Bible.  By using the puppets and catchy songs, hard truths are easily learned.  For more information, check out "What's in the Bible?".  This website has resources for parents to use along with the videos and activities for kids to do that pertain to each lesson.  If you are looking for new movies to add to your family's collection, give "What's in the Bible" and try and see what you learn too!


  1. Right now you can preorder the whole set for 30% off at amazon!

  2. Will definitely be purchasing these! Thanks for sharing. Have you heard of the Torchlighter series? Voice of the Martyrs creates them about heroes of the faith. Very nicely done!

  3. I hope you enjoy them! I haven't heard of that series and I will have to look for it. Thanks for the recommendation!