Saturday, November 20, 2010

Honesty and flopped cupcakes...

I said that I would be real and honest so here goes.  J loves to cook so I thought we could make a Thanksgiving themed treat.  I found some adorable cupcakes pictured online and charged into baking.  In my head, I thought this would be perfect since we had a Sunday School picnic today.  I made the cupcakes last night since it was easier to have that already finished.  This morning J and I made a Creamy Cocoa Buttercream Frosting. (I love homemade icings so much better than store-bought.)

J's favorite part!

I realized we did not have the candy corn featured in the picture so we ran to the store to get some.  That was my first mistake as the store was super busy.  The second mistake, I could not find candy corn anywhere!  So improvising, I grabbed marshmallows and toothpicks.  In Jon's words, this is the "creepy turkey" that was made.   Oh well, the children at the picnic ate them and enjoyed them. 

I attempted to save the turkey by cutting the marshmallow in half and removing the face.  It still didn't look quite right. 

But the important part was that J still loved making them and of course, eating them! 

If you are looking for other Thanksgiving ideas to do with your child, here are a few ideas that I will be doing with J next week. 
Give Thanks Turkey  Another fun craft!
Thank the Lord Song  J loves to sing so this is perfect for him.
Thanksgiving from Totally Tots  Activities geared towards younger children.
1+1+1=1 Thanksgiving Ideas  These are mostly activities for older children but we're tweaking a few of the projects for J. 

On another note, I will be taking Sundays off for a Sabbath from blogging so if you receive updates via email, you will not receive an email on Monday.  Thanks!

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