Saturday, June 11, 2011

Jesus Loves Me Wall Hanging

I recently made Sweetpea a wall hanging for her room that is similar to one that my cousin, Stephanie, made for Buddy.  I think it is a very simple reminder for children that Jesus loves them and Buddy learned early on to recognize "Jesus" in print because of his wall hanging.  I also wanted Sweetpea to have a girly decoration in her room.  The wall hanging was an easy and cute decoration and would make a great baby shower gift.

Materials Needed:
Blank Square Canvas
Black Paint
Other paint colors
Paint brushes
Shape stencils
Ribbon  (not pictured because I cannot find my ribbon after our move)

Carefully divide the canvas into thirds by using the ruler.  Trace shapes in random pattern.  Write Jesus Loves Me! across the middle.  I apologize that the picture is hard to see.
Paint the shapes and the top and bottom thirds with colors of your choice.  Two coats of paint will fully cover the canvas.  Paint the words black.  Attach ribbon to the top and hang on a wall.

This is the picture of Buddy's wall hanging that Stephanie made.  I love the font that "Jesus Loves Me" that she used but every time I tried to replicate it, it never worked quite right for me.  I was glad I used a pencil to trace at first. 

These wall hangings are simple but incredibly cute for a young child's wall and an easy gift to give for a shower or birthday.  I love the way it is a great reminder of the truth of Jesus' love.

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