Monday, June 13, 2011

New Testament on CD

Kid's New Testament-CEV
Since I created Buddy's chore chart, I have been looking for an audio version of the Bible for him to listen to during devotion time.  He has been flipping through his Bible "reading" but I felt like this was not the best option.  I found that there were tons of choices and they all looked really good.  I finally decided to go with the Kid's New Testament since it is the entire New Testament read and dramatized on CD. 
It came in the mail right before our vacation and I was excited to see how Buddy would do with it.  He listened to five chapters of Matthew without moving from our couch and was able to answer questions about what he had listened to after I had turned it off. 
I love the case as it holds the 15 CDs easily and has slots for five more of your choice.  We have now listened to 4 complete CDs and are into Luke currently.  Buddy has asked to listen to the Bible as we drove and how can I say no to that?!  Sweetpea has listened off and on as she has napped on the drive but I know she is absorbing the Bible as well.  Interspersed between the Scripture are hymns and children's songs that help reinforce what has been listened to and keep their attention.  Buddy has also been excited as he hears his various memory verses that he has learned on the CD. 
I hope they have an Old Testament on CD as well but it is good to reinforce the New Testament verses with Buddy.  I highly recommend this Kid's New Testament if you are looking for the Bible in audio version.

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