Saturday, June 4, 2011

Mary's Heart, Martha's Hands

Since listening to Mark Driscoll's sermon about Mary and Martha, I've been thinking and mulling over various aspects of myself.  In the sermon he states, "We need to have Mary's heart but Martha's hands".  I liked that he pointed out that Martha's work and desire to work is not bad but her timing and priorities were out of line.  Since I tend to be more of a "Martha", I sometimes need to be reminded to slow down and take time for my relationship with Christ and with others.  I need to have a heart that longs for growth and deeper relationships while working hard for the Lord.  Often I get caught up in working hard for my husband and children, trying to live up to this impossible standard in my head, and then fail miserably at things like building relationships.  I listened to this sermon before our move and it was a good reminder that even though I want my new house set up and clean, Buddy and Sweetpea still need quality time each day.  As tempting as it is to put in a movie or to send them to their rooms to play individually so I can work really hard, I've tried to work when they are napping and enjoy the time with them when they are awake. 
"Mary's heart but Martha's hands" is such a profound statement to me because often times Martha is the person everyone doesn't want to be but God has given us all our different personalities.  Our personalities just need to be in balance with His priorities.  He has given me the desire to work and to serve and to be busy but my first desire should be to spend time in prayer and reading Scripture to grow in my daily walk.  My prayer lately is "Lord, please give me a Mary's heart while using my Martha hands".  So for all of the "Martha" personalities out there, I highly recommend listening to Driscoll's sermon, 'Mary and Martha'.

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