Thursday, June 16, 2011

School Desk for Buddy

I am so excited about the desk for Buddy that I purchased from a friend!  It is perfect for Buddy's size, has a chalkboard top, and the top lifts up to store smaller items underneath.  I love it!

We picked it up today and, as soon as it was set up in my parents' living room, Buddy was at the desk.  He only left it to get new things to add underneath the top and to come eat supper.  In fact, I had to coerce him to come to the supper table.

I hope this desk helps keep him a little more focused as we work on activities and makes learning a little more exciting.  Here are a few pictures of Buddy enjoying his new desk. 

Buddy coloring his memory verse for the week.

He decided to read at his desk.  I love how focused he looks.

And more coloring...Buddy kept asking for more activities.

I think this desk is going to be a great addition to our house and I can't wait to get it home.  Hopefully it will fit in our van with all of our luggage...

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