Friday, December 10, 2010

Baking Christmas Cookies

J and I made our Sugar Cookies today and we had a blast.  He loves to bake, especially measuring and dumping in flour and sugar.  Today he discovered a new love of baking...while my back was turned he reached in a grabbed a handful of the creamed butter and sugar.  I turned around when I heard "MMMM!" to see him starting to reach for more! 

We rolled out the cookies and used our new cookie cutters to make the Christmas cookie shapes.  J's favorite was the candy cane because to him it was simply the letter J!

After baking the cookies, we made our icing and finished the cookies. 

J's favorite part is obviously adding sprinkles. 

And of course, most of all, eating them!

When I was growing up, my mom and aunt would make these cookies for my siblings and cousins to decorate.  We probably ate more icing than what made it onto the cookies but we always a great family fun time together.  I have lots of wonderful memories of decorating cookies with my family!  This is a tradition that I continued with J last year and will continue into our future as a family.  It is a great time together and fun for all.  I can't wait for H to join us next year!

And if you'd like our recipe for sugar cookies, check out my Recipe page.

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