Friday, December 17, 2010

Following in Daddy's Footprints

Because we are traveling for Christmas, we are having our family Christmas tomorrow.  Jon's present from Buddy and Sweetpea is a sign to hang in his office that we made together.  I used the Self Hardening Clay recipe to make a rectangle. 

Buddy's foot was painted blue and we pressed it lightly onto the rectangle.  I then painted Sweetpea's foot pink and also pressed lightly onto the surface.  As it was difficult keeping paint off of our floor, there are no pictures of this step!

I then touched it up a little by painting around the edges in red and painting "Following in Daddy's Footprints" in black.  The children's ages are painted in white on their footprint. 

The sign was clear coated in a sealant and wrapped to be opened underneath our Christmas tree!  I can't wait for Jon to open it tomorrow!  He'll be able to either use a plate stand to display it on his desk or use a ribbon to hang it on his office wall.  I love these crafts that immortalize this point in our children's lives!

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