Saturday, December 4, 2010

Hand print Wreaths

When I was growing up, every year my mom would hang up hand print wreaths that each of my sisters and I had made when we were young.  Growing up, the wreaths became one of my favorite decorations because they were one of the few things that we made that lasted through the years.
This year I decided to make one with J.  Because H is still too young, we will wait until she is two and make that a tradition in our family. 

Hand print wreath:
White or beige fabric square
Green and red paint
Dowel rod
Christmas Ribbon
Hot Glue Gun

I painted J's hand green and we pressed it down in a circle pattern. 

After the green paint dried, we painted J's thumbs red and made holly berries with his thumb. 

With the sharpie, I wrote J's name and the year onto the bottom of the wreath.  (Be careful at this step since the sharpie will bleed a little.)  Finally, I hot glued the top of the fabric around the dowel rods and tied the ribbon to the ends.  Now all we have to do it hang it up somewhere in the house! 

The wreaths also make great Christmas presents for grandparents or great-grandparents!

Here are a few more Christmas craft ideas.  Hope you enjoy!

Christmas Star Ornaments  something for you to make.

Our Crafts and Things  another cute hand print craft for toddlers or preschoolers.

Mini Holiday House   a substitute for gingerbread houses.

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