Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Purposeful Play

H is only eight months old and I know she is soaking in the world around her.  My goal is to create teachable moments for her just as I do for J.  The easiest way to help her learn about the world around her is to teach through natural play time.  One of her favorite toys right now is perfect for just that.  It is the Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Cookie Shape Surprise toy and I use it to help her learn her colors, shapes, number, and to work on motor skills.  H's favorite thing to do is chew on the shapes since she is teething.  H also likes playing with the cookie jar because when she puts a shape in or pulls one out, the toy sings to her.

 Chewing on the star.

 Putting the square back into the jar.

 Manipulating the star while Mommy says "Look H, it is a purple star!"

 And more chewing...

In case you were wondering, the cookie jar has an on/off switch and a high/low volume switch.  (Ours' stays on the low volume all the time!)  It also has two settings, one for shapes and one for numbers.  For example, when the toy is on the shape setting and the square is put in through the square on the side, the jar will comment about the square, on the number setting the square causes the jar to comment on the number 4.  It is a great toy that has proven a valuable learning tool for both of my children.

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