Friday, February 11, 2011

Canceling Cable

We recently cancelled our subscription to cable, again.  Jon and I have subscribed to cable several times and eventually decide to cancel.  We've found that it is easy to watch too much television and water down family time.  Other downsides of having cable are the cost every month and a I felt like Jon and I were not talking enough.  So we came to the somewhat difficult conclusion of canceling again. 

It has been already great for our family.  We've eaten more meals around the table, Buddy has watched less cartoons in the morning, and Jon and I've spent more time talking (a plus for me, not so sure he is as thrilled!). 

I know that some people think that we are missing out by not subscribing any more but I know this is a positive for our family.  Television is such a time drainer and has so many negative aspects that I do not want Buddy or Sweetpea to be exposed to at their young age.  Now we are less likely to mindlessly waste time and are more in control of what our children are allowed to see.  I hope that by having this precedence set up before Buddy and Sweetpea are much older that this will be their normality.  It may go against the grain but I know this is already strengthening our family structure and I hope it will help us even be more focused on Christ!

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