Saturday, February 19, 2011

Family Bible Time

Family Bible Time...seems like an easy thing to do every day, but we don't do it as often as I would like.  Last night Buddy brought out his Beginner's Bible and asked Jon to read.  How could he refuse?  Sweetpea crawled over to join the story time and listened for a short while.
It was a great way for the kids to wind down and we put the kiddos to bed shortly there after.  But that night has me thinking.  I would like to start a new habit in our family.
Buddy and I read his Bible often but I think Daddy needs to be apart of reading as well.  Buddy and Sweetpea both look up to him so much and Daddy always makes things even more fun.  He adds voices and sound effects and even poorly practiced accents that Buddy just loves.  Raising our children to be Godly men and women should be our primary goal as parents.  What better way to do so than to read God's Word with them on a daily basis?  Reading God's special revelation needs to be part of our every day routine like brushing teeth, washing our face, or drinking our morning cup of coffee!  Even though Buddy and Sweetpea are both still very young, as parents we need to establish these priorities in their lives, so that the benefit from it and make wise choices to read and study God's word when they are older.

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