Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snow Day

Today was a surprise snow day and so Buddy came home from school early.  Buddy took one look outside on our way to the car and yelled, "It's snowing!"  We decided to play outside after nap time and enjoyed the snow very much!  After playing, we came inside to let Buddy do the Valentine's Day Scissor Skill Project from DLTK's Growing Together.  I pre-cut the strips of red paper and the heart template and gathered the rest of the materials. 

Buddy went to town cutting the strips into smaller pieces.  We love our safety scissors!

He glued the small pieces onto the heart shape very carefully.

This is his somewhat finished heart.  He asked if he could cut and glue more tomorrow.

After Buddy is done gluing the pieces onto the heart, I am going to write our week's Bible verse, John 13:34, across the heart.  Finally, I'll cover it in contact paper and hang it up with ribbon.  Having a visual reminder helps Buddy to practice his memory verses.  Overall, today was a great snow day.

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