Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day Wrap-Up

This Valentine's weekend was a dud at our house as I have had the flu and Sweetpea has had pink eye.  We are both on the mend but needed activities to keep Buddy entertained that could also be completed while I sat on the couch.  Instead of making cookies or treats like I had wanted, we made crafts and watched a lot of movies.  Jon did make yesterday special with beautiful flowers, special treats, and a nice dinner.

Buddy had a lot of fun making the Spiral Mobile from DLTK's Growing Together.  He chose the colors and wanted to make blue hearts.  I printed one page of hearts in the color design and one page on blue construction paper.  Buddy's favorite parts of this craft were using the hole punch and tying the strings on to the hearts.  Making the hearts 3D was a little over his head but all in all it was a great craft. 

We also made the Stained Glass Heart from DLTK's site as well.  This took more time since Buddy tore all the pieces of tissue paper.  While the pieces were not perfect squares, he was able to do this step by himself.  I think, too, that allowing him to tear and rip the tissue paper released some of the natural destructive nature of little boys in a productive manner.  Buddy tore a lot more tissue paper than we needed but I didn't want to stop him since he was having fun.  We did use contact paper since it was less messy than glue and he helped me cut out the heart shape in our construction paper. 

I know it is hard to tell with the sun shining through the window, but the construction paper is yellow.  I plan on leaving it up for a while since it makes our windows prettier in my opinion.  I also plan to adapt this craft for other holidays using various shapes. 

I hope you all had a great Valentine's Day!

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