Saturday, February 5, 2011

Telescopes and Curious George

Curious George: Robot Monkey and More Great GadgetsBuddy loves to read and watch Curious George.  One of the newest ones that has captured his interest is Curious George Spy Monkey on our Robot Monkey and More Great Gadgets DVD.  In the show, George makes a periscope but Buddy thought it was a telescope.  He has been asking to make a telescope since he saw the episode for the first time.

Buddy finally asked on a day that we were on the last paper towel and I had an "ah-ha!" moment.  I saved the paper towel roll and we made a telescope.  He loves it and has been looking at everything through it.  We've also played a lot of "I Spy" games which has been an easy way to play with him while I am doing the dishes or laundry.

What You Need:
One paper towel roll
One piece of construction paper
colored pencils or crayons
stickers or other decorations
Two rubber bands
Clear plastic wrap

I let Buddy decorate the piece of construction paper.  He colored very enthusiastically on blue paper and was so into coloring he moved onto an orange one. 

I asked which color he wanted for the telescope and he chose orange.  Buddy proceeded to put stickers all over the paper.

For a moment, Buddy had a musical instrument.  I love watching his imagination grow.

I helped Buddy wrap the paper around the roll and tape it together.

This is a picture of the materials used next because I had to help Buddy with this step.  He helped tear a strip of plastic wrap off the roll and we used a rubber band to hold the wrap to each end.

It works!

"I spy a toy!"

This is a simple and easy craft to do with your child on a rainy day!  I think I'll start saving a few of my paper towel rolls for other future spontaneous ideas.

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