Friday, January 21, 2011

Flower Bows

I love seeing the huge flower bows on little girls yet when I wanted to buy one for Sweetpea, I was shocked at the cost.  I decided to see if I could make her bows and found out how simple and easy they are to make.  All you have to do is look at the picture of Sweetpea on the left to see how cute they are! Here are the easy instructions to make your own flower bows.
What you'll need:
Assorted Fabric Flowers (remove long stem)
Hot Glue Gun
Head Bands
Alligator Clips

Slowly pull the base of the flower off, the green part will not be used.  The first layer of rose petals will be easy to pull off next.

Glue the first two petals together using the hot glue gun.  I use a low heat hot glue gun because I tend to get the glue on my fingers.  Slowly pull the next layer of plastic and petal off of the stem.  Separate the plastic piece and the petal but the plastic pieces will be used because they keep the rose shape.

Glue each layer of petal and plastic pieces in the order that they come off the stem.

Continue with each layer until the rose is complete.

Glue the alligator clip onto the back of the flower.

Clip the flower to the headband.

Here are a few of the other flower bows that I have done.  Every other flower is easier than a rose because there are no extra plastic pieces.  Also, the centers of the flowers can be glued in, like I've done, or you can make the bow more girly by gluing in sequins or other decorations.

I'd love to see any bows that you have made or any tips that you have!

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