Thursday, January 20, 2011

Nature Walk

This afternoon, Buddy, Sweetpea, and I went on a Nature Walk through our neighborhood.  This idea was born somewhat out of desperation because both of my children were fussy.  Our Bible verse this week with Buddy is Genesis 1:1 and we have been talking about how God created everything.  I thought a Nature Walk would be a perfect way to look at God's creation and a great way to help us find better attitudes, including me!  I gave Buddy a brown bag to collect a few of the nature objects and we set out for our walk. 

Buddy immediately ran for a leaf and proclaimed "God made the leaves!"

We had a discussion about how God made the cactus but we do not touch the spines.

Having fun!

"Look Mommy, a stick!"

 Sweetpea was trying to follow Buddy's every move and he very courteously showed her everything he picked up off the ground.

When we arrived back home, I wrote out Genesis 1:1 on a piece of construction paper and gave Buddy the glue bottle to glue his nature items around the verse. 

 He was super proud that he did all of the glue by himself!

This activity, though not planned out in advance, saved our afternoon and early evening.  The walk was a reminder to me that God has made everything, including my children, and that life happens in the small moments of Buddy running joyfully for another rock and Sweetpea giggling at his antics. 

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