Thursday, January 13, 2011

Time with Sweetpea

Now that Buddy is in preschool two days a week, I have been enjoying my one on one time with Sweetpea. 

Our days are a little more focused in teaching her and just enjoying being together.  We've focused on learning colors and reading books this week.  Also, signing to her while it is quiet is easier because she isn't distracted by Buddy.

This morning we played Peek-a-boo for several minutes.  Sweetpea loves peek-a-boo and there are benefits besides just spending time with her.  Peek-a-boo teaches her object permanence as I cover and uncover her eyes.  She is also starting to play along by pulling my hands down and grinning when I say "peek-a-boo".  

After her morning nap, I pulled out our reading cards that I made when Buddy was younger.  Our cards are just 3x5 index cards with sight words written in black Sharpie marker.  The only words that are in color are color words to help with color recognition.  It is my adaptation of Your Baby Can Read when I did not want to spend so much money and it worked.   Buddy was able to read and respond to approximately 20 words by about 10 months old; his favorite was "arms up"!  I have not done this with Sweetpea as much but plan to remedy that soon.
These are a few of our cards.

All in all, Buddy is loving preschool and I am loving my one on one time with Sweetpea!

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