Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Genesis 1:1

Buddy has been working to memorize Genesis 1:1 and he was able to say it this past Sunday.  (I love his little suit!). 

It is one of the shorter verses that he has memorized but a key verse.  We've talked all week about how God has made everything, including him and that He has made us each special.

Awesome Animals in the Bible- Ages 2-7We watched Awesome Animals in the Bible by WonderKids this week at different points.  It has the story of Creation that opens with Genesis 1:1 and then has the song "God Created" at the end.  Buddy and I have been singing that song throughout the day (it is really catchy and repetitive).  The movie has lots of Bible stories that have animals in them and it is one of Buddy's favorites.
Story of Creation (Alice in Bibleland Storybooks)We checked out a lot of books from our church library and Buddy and Sweetpea have both enjoyed listening to the stories.  One of my favorites, and theirs too, is the
Alice in Bibleland Story of Creation book.  The rhyme and rhythm to the story keeps Sweetpea's interest and is short enough for her to sit still.

I also printed the Genesis 1:1 coloring sheet from Hubbards Cupboard and put it on his easel but Buddy has not colored it at all.  He has looked at it and several times has said "I don't want to color" so I didn't push it.

We did our nature walk this past week and I think this activity was the most successful and entertaining for him.  His nature poster is hanging in his room now.

Teaching Buddy scripture has been an amazing journey and has shown me how easy it is to memorize Scripture when you put your mind to it.  It has also taken the excuse "but it is too hard" and shown me the opposite.  If I had really wanted to learn my Bible verses, I could have.  It has also shown our youth that if our two year old can learn a longer verse like Isaiah 9:6, that they should be learning even longer passages.  Memorization does not have to be a drudgery and can not be if we want our children to learn that God's Word is good. 

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