Saturday, January 22, 2011

Homemade Poptarts and Pizza Pockets

Today, Buddy and I tried out the healthy poptart recipe from the Heavenly Homemakers site.  The dough can also make pizza pockets, so I halved the dough and we tried both.  My favorite thing about these is that both can freeze for easy convenience meals in the future.  Plus, I'm a huge fan of anything pizza!

Buddy and I had fun measuring and mixing the dough together.  His favorite part is counting and then dumping ingredients into the bowl.  I helped him stir since I didn't want flour all over the flour and knew the dough would be harder for him stir by himself.  We then let the dough rest and rolled it out after nap. 

Buddy liked sprinkling the flour onto the wax paper and using the rolling pin.  Check out how much flour ended up on him!

 These are our finished strawberry and huckleberry poptarts.  I made icing and drizzled it over Buddy's.

They were very yummy!

This is a picture of the pizza pockets, which were also very good.  I should have added more filling and will definitely be trying them again.

I highly recommend trying both of these recipes and will be making larger batches of both the poptarts and pizza pockets to put in the freezer.   The great thing is that the fillings can be changed to suit your tastes.  Any kind of jelly or jam can be put in the middle for poptarts or even scrambled eggs and sausage for a breakfast sandwich.  Head over to the Heavenly Homemakers and try them out for yourself!

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