Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Sanctity of Life Pt. 2

After last Wednesday's "friends" were introduced in our Sunday services, my mind has still be revivited to the thoughts of Sanctity of Life.  I was reminded of how in high school, I started to be swayed by the worldly view that abortion is alright after rape.  As a woman, rape is one of my most horrendous fears and I could never imagine the pain that comes from that act much less finding out a pregnancy has resulted from such a devestating circumstance.  I started to think that maybe abortion in a case of rape would be okay.  Today, I believe that abortion is never, under any situation, okay.
The Atonement Child
The Atonement Child by Francine Rivers  was key in reshaping my view of abortion when I read this novel in high school.  In the book, Dynah has a picture perfect life until one day she is raped and becomes pregnant.  The book deals with the struggles of her Christian family who continuously try to convince her that it is okay to have an abortion yet she knows that God desires differently.  Francine Rivers writes about the emotional and physical effects of abortion on women and how it can affect relationships, both with God and with others.  This book completely changed my view of crisis abortions because even in the horrible tragedy of rape, God is faithful and this child is still wonderfully and fearfully made by Him (Psalm 139). 

A few years ago, I read Startling Beauty: My Journey From Rape to RestorationStartling Beauty: My Journey from Rape to Restoration by Heather Gemmen which is a true story of rape and unexpected pregnancy.  I litterally cried as I read her devestating story and thought about how I might react if facing the same situation.  She writes about her and her family and friends real and honest emotions in dealing with rape and the pregnancy.  Heather Gemmen's story is a revelation of truth that abortion is not the answer to even a horrible situation like rape.  This book again reinforced a Biblical view on life and how God can bring "beauty for ashes" (Isaiah 61:3).  "Rape takes too much.  But I, for one, have gained more than I have lost."  pg 224 Startling Beauty

Both of these books are obviously not for children due to the adult themes but I highly recommend them.  They will reinforce God's passionate desire for life even in the difficult situations and they will give practical ways to handle the delicate situation, if someone in your life is faced with the tragic challenge of a crisis pregnancy.

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  1. Atonement Child is an awesome book.