Thursday, March 17, 2011

Hundreds Chart

Today I printed a Hundreds Chart for Buddy and as you can see from this photo, he is really excited.  And yes, I just realized the chart is upside down but his enthusiasm counts!  I love using a hundreds chart for many different activities but this chart is going to be used to help Buddy with his counting.  Currently he can count to 29 but he wants to say "twenty-ten" instead of 30.  I know that a hundreds chart will help him better understand the concept of groups of tens and learn his numbers. 
Together we counted to 30 and I pointed out 30, 40, 50, etc. on the chart.  Buddy then counted all the way to 50 without a mistake!  I had hoped to have him color each line a different color to help the different groups of ten stand out but he was not interested in coloring.  We'll try the coloring again tomorrow.  I know that hundreds charts are going to be prevalent in our home as Buddy and Sweetpea learn their numbers and basic math skills in the future.
This same chart can be used to help children understand many math concepts from skip counting, addition and subtraction, to patterns, and more.  Here are a few websites with ideas for using a hundreds chart with all age levels. 

Counting to 100: Math Activities for First Graders 

Interactive 100's Chart  (a fun online game)

20+ Things to Do with a Hundreds Chart 

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