Monday, March 21, 2011

Week 11 of Reading the Bible in 90 Days

The Bible in 90 Days Participant's Guide: An Extraordinary Experience with the Word of God
Wow!  During week 11 of reading the Bible in 90 days, I finished all four gospels and began in Acts yesterday.  It was so exciting to read each Gospel and to hear the different viewpoints of the same event.  I am actually about half a day ahead in my readings because I can't seem to make myself stop, which is a very good thing!
In church yesterday, our pastor's message was out of John 17, which I had just read on Saturday so it was neat to hear a great message from where I was currently reading.

As I read through the Gospels and the beginning of Acts, I have realized how many prophecies are fulfilled and how many times the Old Testament is quoted by Jesus and the disciples.  Jesus' life, ministry, death, and resurrection is powerful every time I would read each passage.  It just saddened me how few people understood who Jesus was and how the religious rulers completely missed the boat.  Even the disciples at times were completely dense, which I have to admit, makes me feel better about myself.  Although, I do have the advantage of knowing the entire story as it unfolds while they were living out each moment.  If I were to finish with the schedule, there is only one and a half weeks of reading left but I hope to finish by the end of this week!  It would be awesome to finish early.  If you are reading as well, even if you got a late start, let me know how you are doing.  Stay strong and keep reading!

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