Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Concerts and Children

We are visiting family and my brother had a dinner and concert Friday night.  I thought this would be a great thing to take both Sweetpea and Buddy and was really excited.  For those of you who don't know, I am am a band nerd who plays oboe, english horn, and flute so I love classical music and concerts. 
The day of the concert, I read the ticket to discover it was a little more formal than I thought it would be (black tie optional) and it turned out that Buddy and Sweetpea were the only children there.  Everyone else was a teenager or older.  I started to feel a little apprehensive about their behavior but knew I had enough family around to help me take care of them.  The dinner portion was easy since both children eat really well and then the concert began.  Both Buddy and Sweetpea were enthralled! 
I kicked myself for not bringing the camera as both of their faces were priceless.  They made it through the concert with no trouble.  Sweetpea did try to sing and wave back at the conductor but I thought it was adorable. 
The realization that my children loved this event but were the only children in the room saddened me.  I personally think that children need to be exposed to a love of music at a young age and Buddy has been to several concerts already.  I would love for Buddy and Sweetpea to play in band or orchestra in the future but a lot of programs are being cut for lack of funding or other reasons.  As a former teacher, I do not really understand since there is a profound link between music and learning.  Students who are involved in a music program tend to have higher grade point averages, out-perform non-music students in math and reading achievement tests, and perform better in the work world.  There is also a comraderie when you take 50-60 people to create a beautiful piece of music. 
I was blessed to have the ability to be a part of band for ten years in some form or another and hope that Buddy and Sweetpea have the same opportunity in the future.  Here are a few links of articles about the benefits of music if you are interested in reading for yourself.

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