Monday, March 7, 2011

Week 9 of Reading the Bible in 90 Days

The Bible in 90 Days Participant's Guide: An Extraordinary Experience with the Word of God
Week nine of reading the Bible in 90 days is over which means I am 64 days into this challenge.  I have to admit that the prophets are giving me such a hard time but it has also been tougher to read while with my family.  I don't get to see them very often now that we live farther away and so finding time was really a sacrifice.  Although I managed to read some each day, I am still behind but hope to catch up when we arrive back home tomorrow. 
I really had a hard time reading in Jeremiah and Ezekiel this week and am still fighting my way through Ezekiel even though I was supposed to be in Daniel yesterday. These books make me realize how God is a jealous God for His people and does not take lightly our sins.  As I read this week, I was struck at the many times that God tried to get the people's attention and how easily they still fell into idolatry.  Obedience and faithfulness to Him are such a key component to a growing relationship. 
Even though I struggle to read and understand, I am not going to give up and want to be able to read through these prophet books without falling any more behind.  Maybe when the challenge is finished, I will try to come back and study the prophecies a little more in depth or even look into Israel's history.
If you are reading, I hope you continue to push through, even when you fall behind.  I know that finishing the Bible will be worth it all!

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