Saturday, March 5, 2011

M is for Mardi Gras

While we have been visiting family, my brother was assigned a project in his French class to make a Mardi Gras mask and come up with three facts about the holiday.  Buddy was able to put on the mask and to play around in it for a little while that night.  I'm not a huge fan of the Mardi Gras holiday but I did enjoy watching Buddy play around in the mask.  After watching his uncle make a mask, Buddy wanted to make one too so we made a run to the craft store the next day. 
Since the Mardi Gras holiday is this weekend, we were able to buy the supplies for half-price.  We bought a craft mask, some decorations, and a roll of star garland. 
Before decorations...
My dad helped Buddy spray paint the mask and we added some glitter while the paint was still wet.

Yes, the mask looks a little creepy but Buddy loves it.

While the paint was drying, Buddy and I discussed the letter M.  We talked about the sound that M makes and how mask and Mardi Gras both begin with the letter M.  Buddy listed other M words like Mommy and macaroni so he is beginning to grasp the concept of sound recognition.  After the paint was dry, I helped Buddy use glue to attach our decorations onto the mask.
We let all of the glue dry and finally Buddy was able to try on the mask.  I love the way the garland waves back and forth like hair.
Of course Uncle David had to join in on the fun as well!
Now if only we had some cream cheese king cake!

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